Terms & Conditions

1.- Activities offered on this website are guided by Aurelio José Domingo Roza with DNI 10866056M, Medium Mountain Guide, UIMLA Accredited and Sports Technician qualified by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science, with competences in the training and conduction of activities in Medium Mountain, hereinafter the Guide.

2.- The contracted activity may be suspended for meteorological or technical reasons, prior to or during the development of the activity, and no reimbursement will be made to the client if the activity has already started.

3.- If a client doesn’t have the required or agreed level, both technical and physical, the Guide may vary, if possible, the itinerary or programme to adapt it to the level of the participant. Likewise, the Guide may vary the programme depending on weather or mountain conditions, in order to guarantee safety. The guide/client ratios will be maintained, prioritising safety criteria and respecting the minimum and maximum number agreed per activity.

4.- The customer declares, under his sole responsibility, and after reading the contract, the following points:

a) Activity and risks involved, as well as the behaviour to be observed, have been explained to him/her.

b) They are aware that they will be accompanied at all times during the activity by a Guide, whose instructions they undertake to follow, assuming responsibility for any actions they carry out that are not in accordance with the orders or explanations they receive from the Guide.

c) He/she has been informed of the prohibition of abandoning any waste or material, organic or inorganic, during the activity, and must assume the administrative or penal sanctions that may derive from compliance with this prohibition.

d) I do not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, nor am I pregnant, nor do I suffer from any injury that would prevent me from carrying out the activity without risk to my health.

e) He/she is of legal age (or has the legal permission of his/her guardian) to practice this activity.

f) During the development of the activity, he/she will be in full physical and mental capacity, being expressly forbidden the ingestion of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, both before and during the activity, as well as any medication that may compromise these faculties. g) To have access to and have read this contract and agree with its terms and conditions.

5.- The Guide has a Civil Liability insurance policy that covers possible risks or damages that may arise from the practice of the services offered. The amount of this insurance is a maximum of €5,000,000 per claim. It also has an assistance or accident insurance policy, which covers search, rescue, transfer and assistance services derived from accidents in the provision of active tourism activities, including the possible payment of fees that may be accrued for these concepts when it entails the mobilisation of personal and material resources assigned to the Emergency and Rescue Group of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands. The amount of this insurance is a maximum of €12,000.

6.- The client is responsible for his own transport to the starting point of the activity agreed with the Guide, unless otherwise agreed for a specific activity. The contract and the responsibility is exclusively for the direct work of the Guide and the organisation of the activity.


1.- Reservations must be made by e-mail, by filling in the form on the website or by telephone at least 3 calendar days in advance in the case of “One day hiking”.

2.- The client will pay 100% of the total cost of the activity in the case of “One day hiking”. Payment will be made by credit card or bank transfer, indicating in the case of the transfer the name of the client and the scheduled activity, as well as the dates of the contracted activity.

3.- Reservation and the method of payment for the activities called “Ascents” and “Trekking”, must be previously consulted with the Guide according to the dates and duration of the activity. 4.- Activities prices are given in Euros and per person, and include Guide direct services. Unless otherwise stated, the cost of external services (hotels, lodges, meals, transport, cable cars…) will be paid by the client.


1.- Client may withdraw from the services requested or contracted, having the right to a refund of the amounts paid, but must compensate the Guide in the amounts indicated below:

a.- There will be a penalty of 50% of the total amount of the activity in the 24 hours prior to the activity.

b.- Failure of the Client to appear on the date and at the time indicated by the Guide will entail the total loss of the amounts paid in advance.

2.- The Guide may decide to cancel the activity if there is not a minimum number of participants. In this case, the client will be refunded 100% of the amount paid.

3.- When is the activity considered to have started? When the Guide arrives at the agreed meeting point.

4.- If the guide decides to cancel the activity due to weather or safety reasons, or because the minimum number of places is not reached, the full amount paid will be refunded or, by agreement with the client, the activity will be postponed.

5.- Upon confirmation of the booking (by payment of 100% of the activity), the client expressly accepts all of these General Conditions. In the event that a person registers another person/s, he/she assumes all these General Conditions in his/her name/s and each and every one of them.